Which Do You Prefer White Or Yellow Light ?


7 Answers

Vatsal Agarwal Profile
Vatsal Agarwal answered
I prefer to white lights.
Ryan Profile
Ryan answered
Both because sometimes when I want to like, look at a magazine or read a book I prefer the white. But for mood lighting or dinnertime or something like that I think that yellow is good.
susan dixon Profile
susan dixon answered
I do prefer the white light as it is better for your eyes and brighter as you can see more.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
The brighter, the better for me, as I suffer with seasonal affective disorder, meaning living in the dark in the winter here, I get depressed, so I have to have light. I love it anyway. Except today, it hurts cause the cat scratched my eye.
Lee Profile
Lee answered
I prefer white light. It is definitely easier for me to see things and read.
B Profile
B answered
Definitely white light... But really mellow... I have blue eyes and I find myself squinting on CLOUDY days! [I know it is because the light reflects off the water in the clouds and magnifies it, but sheesh!] I am extremely sensitive to light, so I prefer to just go with natural light -- then just let it get dark!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Yellow light because it doesn't attract as many bugs

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