What Is The Difference Between White And Yellow Vaseline?


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The term white Vaseline is used to define a paste which is white in colour and is odourless. White Vaseline basically has the chemical property of having the ability to spin. It is also known for its good performance in terms of the stability of the chemical (in other words, it is a highly stable chemical). White Vaseline is used as an ointment and a protective cream for the skin. It is also used as an antiseptic cream for precision instruments as well as for medical instruments. It is applied as compounding in some types of cosmetics.

On the other hand, yellow Vaseline is light yellow in colour. It is a semi-transparent ointment. It has a greasy feeling. It is known for its stringiness and also for its adhesive properties. It is practically insoluble in such solutes as water and ethanol, but it is soluble in such solutes as chloroform, ethanol and petroleum naphtha.

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