At 4 Weeks 2 Days My Hcg Level Was 1700 Two Days Later It Was 3275. Is This A Good Number?


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I am pregnant with my 12th pregnancy.  I have 4 children.  I have had 7 miscarriages 1 being ectopic.  So this is my 5th child, I am 30 weeks pregnant due Sept. 22nd.  So I know what you are going through and have gone though.
That is a great level for an hcg.  The hcg level should double every other day in a normal pregnancy.   When it gets up to 100,000 it may not double but it will go up fast.  When you are 6 1/2 weeks along the doctor can do an ultrasound and make sure the sac is in the uterus and you can see a fetus and a heart beat usually.  So if you are worried have them do an ultrasound. 
You can also take progesterone-prometrium ask your doctor about it.  You take it til you are about 12 weeks along and it helps you stay pregnant.  Some doctors say there is no evidence of this but it has helped me.  If you are going to miscarry though there is nothing the doctor can do to save the baby.
Good luck, and congrats.  I wish you the best.  So far is it sounds like you are doing ok.  Just take it easy.
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At the end of four weeks, HCG levels should be 500-6000. So, your pregnancy is going fine. It continues to double during  first two months of pregnancy and then start to decline. If you have previous history of miscarriage, then visit to your doctor for HCG shot support to avoid any hormonal shortage.
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HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is an hormone which is secreted by the fertilized egg after implantation. This hormone is used to maintain corpus luteum that secretes another hormone called progesterone. This hCG is present in blood of pregnant ladies and secreted through urine. So, its presence in blood or urine confirm pregnancy test. Its levels between 0 to 5 means no pregnancy. An hCG levels of 20 or more indicate that woman is pregnant.

Its levels after 2 weeks of conception or after 4 weeks of first day of last menstrual period are 3-426 and after 4 weeks of conception or 6 weeks after first day of last menstrual period are 1080-56500.
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Hi there, I'm so worried today, I'm 4 weeks and 5 days, my HCG level is 7,000. I will have an ultrasound tomorrow because I had a partial molar pregnancy last year. I hope everything looks normal.

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