My Period For March Was 12 Days Long With Heavy Bleeding And Passing Clots For The Last 7 Days. Why? Is It Normal To Have Two Periods In One Month,a Week ...


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Periods for more than 7 days are not normal and should be investigated and treated by the doctor. Following are some common causes of prolong and heavy menstrual bleeding.

1. Miscarriage
2. Change of birth control pills
3. Use of intrauterine device
4. Menopause
5. Uterine fibroid
6. Endometrial cancer
7. Pelvic inflammatory disease
8. Stress and anxiety
9. Thyroid and pituitary gland problems

Two periods in a month time are also abnormality and should be treated by doctor. Following are some reasons of this conditions.

1. Pelvic inflammatory disease
2. Hormonal imbalance
3. Stress, anxiety and other psychological problems
4. Frequent ovulation
5. Malnutrition
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I Do not really have an answer for you cause I am going through the same thing accept I am not passing clots I am on day 10 but mines not real heavy it is in between I am tired of it.

My Pituatary gland was removed in 2000 My Period was absent for a long time after it started again in March of This year again it lasted 5 days ended then in April it went over 7 days then in May it was normal lasted 6 days and now going over again I am 29

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