I'm 5weeks Pregnant. What Should Hcg Level Be?


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At 5 weeks pregnant HCG levels would usually be approximately 2,580-6,530; the average for women during week 5 is 4,090. HCG is what a lot of women call the pregnancy hormone and stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone is what is detected when you take a pregnancy test and from this small amount of about 30-50, which is detected at the start, it will rise to a massive 85,000-115,000 by week 42.

Try not to get too fixated on what your reading is and what it should be. If the reading were a little high or lower than what is expected, the doctor would either keep an eye on it or do some further tests if it appeared to be an issue. Generally, this is something that would be picked up on if it appeared to be a result of an underlying problem.

The HCG level experienced is very dependent on the individual and they can vary quite a lot from person to person. Levels are not generally anything to worry about unless a medical professional informs their patient. HCG levels change very rapidly and even a couple of days can make a big difference, so worrying with one reading which may be off the 'usual' scale is not necessary. It is likely that it will catch up to average within a couple of days. 

If HCG level does not return to average after a few days it can be indicative of problems arising; this is why HCG levels are checked regularly. In this case different tests would be done to examine whether or not there is an issue. It could be something as insignificant as having the dates wrong; so the best advice, don't worry but if you are, talk to your GP!
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HCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin is hormone which is glycoprotein in nature and produced during pregnancy. Its major role is to maintain corpus luteum in ovary in order to produce sufficient amounts of progesterone hormone which is critically required to maintain pregnancy. Its major part is wasted through urine and hence tested for the pregnancy in urine.
The HCG levels are detected in blood 10-11 days after conception and 12-14 in urine after conception. The HCG levels are doubled after every 72 hours and reach to at their peak after 8-11 weeks of pregnancy.
HCG levels below 5 means no pregnancy. After 5 weeks of pregnancy, normal HCG levels can vary from 18 to 7340.

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Hi, I am exaclty 5 weeks Pregnant today and my levels are 1290.
I did a test on monday and it was 618, and an other test on Wednesday and they were 1290, is this normal?
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My HCG level is 6,229 and they say I'm 5 wks pregnant is that normal?
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My hcg levels are 110 and the doctor thinks I'm 4 to 5 weeks pregnant I had a ectopic pregnancy 4 and a half months ago could I be having enough ectopic as I didnt have my tubes taken out and gettin the same pains as last time
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I went to the dr on wednesday (2 days ago) and just did the preg urine test and it was positive then they did my hcg count....so 2 days ago it was 470 now it is 1524...is that good they said I was about 4 weeks?
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I'm 5 weeks prego and I have low progesterone! It's been up and down now it 14 dr. Stated still low my hcg was 1500 which is good! The dr. Wants me in tomorrow to check the baby sack w/ ultrasound should I be worry that my progesterone is still low??
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At exactly 5 weeks my level is 6000. 3 days ago it was 750. I just miscarried so my dr is monitering my levels.
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Hi I was in the hospital last night and they told me my hcg level was 2390.They told me I should come back in 3 days for a follow-up.How many weeks would that put me?
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My HGC level is 1700 and I am 5 weeks.. The doctor tells me that my HCG level says I'm more than 5 weeks and he is worried I will have a miscarriage because they can not see the baby in the sac yet, but he also says that at 5 weeks you should only see the sac and not the baby. He thinks I am more than 5 weeks cause of the HCG but I know I can not be more than 5 weeks pregnant.. I had surgery on January 26th and had my last period on February 10th, does anyone think I should get a second opinion? My doctor is putting me through all this stress with me waiting to find out if I'm going to have this baby or miscarriage.

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