Does The Birth Control Pill Seasonique Cause Emotional Side Effects?


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I'm in my second week of the second month of my first pack of seasonique and I am the biggest cry baby ever! I cry at least 4 times a day. Not just crying but bawl my eyes out!  And sadly yes it is a side effect of the pill and is probably to be expected sine your body has to get used to the hormones and all. I hope you start to feel better soon hun. I know what you are going through
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All medications have some form or another of side effects.I would recomend that you ask your doctor about this and see what they say.
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I'm 25 and I've experimented with different types of birth control pretty much my whole life. I've tried the patch, the pill with higher and lower amounts of progestin vs estrogen, the ring, everything. Every time I switched brands, I hoped my mood wouldn't change. I mostly felt sadder, depressed, and cried easily when on the pill. It pretty much effected the quality of my life overall. I cant believe so many women don't know to correlate their mood with the drugs their taking every day! I started taking higher levels of B vitamins than were in a multivitamin alone and that helped. I also made an effort to eat b-vitamin rich food such as bananas, shell fish, and chicken. Magnesium and folic acid are a huge help as well and shown to be depleted by birth control. My only advise is to do your research on the full side effects of the pill and make sure you do everything you can to stay healthy. has a more information on the vitamins depleted by the pill

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