How Long Does It Take To Get Clonidine Out Of Your System?


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It takes three days to get the drug known as Clonidine out of your system. If you're trying to get rid of any traces of the drug, you'll need to wait at least 72 hours to be certain that it's cleared out of your system. Of course, only a blood or urine test can really prove whether or not a drug has cleared out of someone's body; it's not safe to judge these matters based on information derived from online forums and places like that.

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If you need to know more facts about Clonidine, you should consider visiting the official website for the manufacturers of Clonidine, or perhaps read all of the instructions and information that came with the transdermal patches. However, the best way to find out what this drug is and what is does is through a chat with a doctor or pharmacist.

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This medication is sold in patch form, and patches are applied to the skin, where they deliver active ingredients in a time-release manner. Applying too much Clonidine may result in feelings of nausea or dizziness, so it's important to be sure you follow all directions while you're taking the drug for a blood pressure or hypertension health condition. This drug should always be prescribed by a qualified general physician.

Medicines stay in the body for quite a while after they are taken - sometimes, people want to speed up the process of eradicating a drug from the body. In these cases, people may try to flush out the drug by drinking copious amounts of fluid, and then urinating a lot. Sometimes, this will work, and sometimes, it won't be successful. There are also some herbal remedies that are purported to clear medications and drugs out of the body faster - these are often used to foil mandatory drug tests.
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Spoke with my dr. Today he says, it has a half life of 16 hours. Then he said that means for it to completely leave your system, approximately 5 days.

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