I Had Unprotected Sex The Day Of My Ovulation, Am I Pregnant?


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Had unprotected sex on april 14 and was supposed to ovulate on april 15. What are my chances of becoming pregnant? My last period was march 31.
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Bad time to have sex if you don't want a baby.It usually takes five weeks until your pregnancy test will show positive results if you are pregnant. But if the lines matched the positive test result on the instructions no matter how faint it is chances are you probably are pregnant.Go to a doctor or take another test in a couple of weeks.
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Yes you could be pregnant,if you have unprotected sex. Here you came to know about your pregnancy due date, pregnancy week by week.

Good luck!

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Obviously you could be pregnant , as you have a unprotected sex..This is the height of ovulation ,if you did unprotected sex.

I recommended you this pregnancy calculator through which you easily came to know about the pregnancy week by week.

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