I Only Had My Period For 2 Days, Am I Pregnant?


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Wondering whether or not you are pregnant can be very stressful. For many women, a light, or two-day period, can be a confusing signal that may or may not indicate pregnancy. If your period was unusually short, it's really best to see a doctor or take a reliable, at-home pregnancy test to get a definite answer. You can be pregnant even though you've undergone some degree of bleeding for a couple of days; however, the cause could be something different than pregnancy. Every woman's body is different, and every menstrual cycle may also fluctuate according to hormonal changes, stress, and other variables.

To be certain that you are pregnant (or not pregnant), it's important to take a trusted pregnancy test that measures the presence of pregnancy hormones in urine. Today's high-tech pregnancy tests are very sensitive and very effective, even shortly after conception. To know what you're dealing with, you should schedule an appointment at a clinic, or buy a test from a reputable pharmacy.

The presence of abnormal (or too-brief bleeding) may indicate health problems - however, sometimes, it is just an indicator of a very short and heavy menstrual cycle. If you have questions about your health that are related to a short menstrual period, you should make sure you speak to a qualified, trained medical health doctor who can refer you to specialists, give you a pregnancy test, and screen you for sexually transmitted diseases (and other infections that might affect the duration of your monthly cycle).

When you go to the doctor, be sure to bring a list of any questions you might have - if you've suffered from extreme cramps and discomfort from your short period, be sure to mention that as well; any information that you can give to a doctor will help he or she to diagnose you correctly. Getting proper health care at the outset can save you tons of worrying, stress, and anxiety.
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I only had a period for 2 days and it was late I'm feeling bloated all the time but hungry at the same time always tied even though I'm getting the full 8 hours sleep and I keep getting headaches a lot?
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If your period was lighter than usual its worth taking a home test. Also, stress can affect your periods (and fertility), so try not to worry too much about conceiving.
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I have had my period for only two days which isn't normal for me. Plus it was late could I be pregnant.
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Two days period doesn't mean pregnancy. If you had seen spotting, then you might be pregnant. The best thing to do is to take blood pregnancy test. Everything will then be clear to you.
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I had my period for 2 days and I feel all the symptoms. But it's all stress related. I checked with my doctor, which is too bad because I would have liked to conceive a child. But, most of the time its due to stress.
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Having periods for 1-2 days does not indicate pregnancy. 2 days periods are also normal if start after normal gap of 22-35 days. If you are sexually active lady and not on any contraception then take pregnancy test on missing of periods. A test after 2 weeks of missing of periods is more accurate. If you are suspecting pregnancy then take test to clear doubts.

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