Does Amoxicillin Clean Your System Out Of Marijuana?


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Amoxicillin is an antibiotic that does not take clean any illegal street drug out of your system .

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Okay Amoxicillin  is a antibiotic that is used to treat infections,it will not clean out your will not detoxify your body,the Amoxicillin's sole purpose is killing off the infections. Do not take any medication in a way that it is not meant to be used. IE,do not take more than prescribed,do not share your medications,store all medication in a cool dry place,do not mix your prescriptions with any over the counter drugs without contacting your doctor or pharmacist first,Warning DO NOT MIX WITH ALCOHOL.....

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Amoxicillin is an anti-biotic use to fight infection
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To be honest, I am not very sophisticated in this question and I have never faced it. But I saw the article on ManchesterEveningNews and it made a deep analysis of cannabinoid consumption and the way how it works. I am sure that you should have a look at it and find the answers you need.

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Let me add something to the earlier great answer. Amoxicillin kills some kids of bacterias but not all. Even after a full routing of taking it some of those bad bacterias will still be your system. Generally, humans carry a vast array of bad germs all the time, we only get sick when they multiply so much they get out of hand.
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No I don't think so.  It will take time to rid your body of toxins and of course do not put more in!
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I have sickle cell and I use to take penicilin everyday twice a day and it gets rid of infections such as ear and all others. I would think if they used it for STDs then it would work for weed.
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Its an antibiotic so I don't see how it would, it breaks down bacterial cell walls and doesn't clear out substances.
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Not smoke helps out more !  I've never heard that .Like you wrote it's a like penicillin . Drinking A LOT of water may help out . But next time DON'T SMOKE THERE MORE TO LIFE THEN GETTING HI. Take what I said & quit before you .get hot water with the cops
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I don't smoke honestly I am doing research and can't find any answers or solutions to my question but you have helped out a lot thank you!

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