Does The 'Back To Life' Machine Really Work? If So, Does It Help With Scoliosis?


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According to a couple of reviews I've read online, you'd be wise to proceed with caution when it comes to the Back to Life. Many people have claimed that the product simply doesn't work.

And, to add to that, there seems to be a little confusion regarding the returns policy of the company.

Is the back to life machine a sham? My rule of thumb is that if something sounds to good to be true, it generally is.

The makers of the Back to Life machine (also known as Back 2 Life machine) claim that the device is able to treat all sorts of back pain (including scoliosis) within minutes - by 'realigning' the spine and releasing pressure.

I've done a bit of research on the product, and I'm yet to be convinced there's any science behind it.

In addition, my experience with the machine left me feeling a little under-awed (and still in pain).

I then took some time to think about it, and in actual fact, the clues were all there:

  • Flashy-looking customer testimonials 'pleading' that the contraption worked for them
  • Use of the number '2' instead of 'to' in the product name
  • Shifty-sounding returns service
So, overall, you're considering investing in a product to help with scoliosis - I'd keep looking if I were you!
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Machine Back to Life is used for backache. I have not used this machine but only manufacturer has claims about its efficacy.

Scoliosis is a problem of the spine in which it is curved like an S or C. This machine cannot correct this disorder but it might help to reduce pain to some extent.
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Depending on the type of problem and curve, you should look into Pilates. The strengthening of the muscles around the area can help a lot.

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