What Does Liquid Methadone Look Like And Taste Like?


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Liquid methadone is generally a deep pink or light red color. It is a translucent liquid, meaning you should see through it. It is commonly said to taste like the cold medicines, such as Nyquil, in that it has a bitter cherry-like taste. The cherry taste is described as overpowering in a lot of cases, whilst the bitter edge is the effect of the methadone being an opiate.

  • What is methadone?
Methadone is a pain reliever and narcotic, i.e. A sedative. It is similar to morphine and is used to reduce withdrawal symptoms from other serious hard drugs such as heroin. Due to the intended use of this medication, methadone is strictly admitted by pharmacists and medical professionals. It must not be administered more than specified or there can be severe side-effects, even death. The narcotic impact causes breathing to become shallower. In addition to this, methadone can't be mixed with alcohol and will affect your reactions and judgment.

Methadone comes as a liquid, but also in tablets and in wafer form. It is alternatively known as Dolophine, Methadose and Symoron, just to name a few.

  • Is there anything special about liquid methadone?
Liquid methadone is quite a thick liquid, almost like syrup. Generally clinics treating drug addiction will prescribe it and in most cases water the bottle down a little to amend the thickness of the liquid.

In the UK, liquid methadone doesn't come in red but rather in green, and is noticeably sugary. This is so that the drug cannot be mistaken for another type of medication and is deliberately off-putting. In New Zealand the medication is an amber color and described as "pleasant".

  • What does it smell like?
Liquid methadone has its own unique, distinct smell. Generally this is some derivative of whichever flavoring is used, so in most cases it will be a sharp but unsettling cherry smell. It is described as being akin to cannabis (marijuana/weed) in that it's a potent and instantly identifiable smell.
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Liquid methadone is a red/pink color. It looks kind of like cherry cough syrup but it's not as thick or as dark. It tastes very bitter. I think they add some kind of cherry flavoring to it but it doesn't help.

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