How Long Does Two Hits Of Weed Stay In Your System For?


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If you are going to have a urine test, then you should indeed be concerned. Two hits of weed can stay in your body for a length of time that is hard to pin-point.

Just one hit of weed can appear on a urine test for several days, up to two weeks after smoking the substance. Depending on the urine test, marijuana is likely to show up to the analyst. Unlike alcohol, the size of your body doesn't have any effect on how long weed stays in your system for.

Weed goes straight to your brain, and it may also remain present in your fat cells. Furthermore, weed can have a lasting effect on the body - it will be detectable in your hair follicles for up to three months after the last time you smoked it.

Whether your urine test appears positive or negative, you will want to seriously reconsider your lifestyle choices. Marijuana is a substance that is, in most places, illegal.

Not only does it cause harm to your body, but psychological dependency is also common. Any addiction can tear apart families and ruin your life. 

Most people who ask this question are concerned because they’re due to have a urine test, but there are far more serious things they should be worried about in my opinion.
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unlike CRACK..HEROIN..COCAINE..get real ..and alcohol destroys ..what..the liver..the brain..the kidneys..possibly the stomach..and all becauase it's legal
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insurance companies gotta make a living ...right?
Alexander Luft
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"Not only does it cause harm to your body, but psychological dependency is also common. Any addiction can tear apart families and ruin your life. "

As a 52 year old doctor, who smokes weed daily, I have never experienced any of these effects. In fact, the opposite has happened, I have moved closer to my family, my life has been enhanced in many ways, and harm to my body, aside from a couple of pounds weight gain, seems minimal.
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OK Guys for all of you who are worried, I just smoked on July 23 and 24 of this year, and I bought myself some screen test to test myself because I haven't smoked in five years.

I tested myself on the 25 of July and it came up negative. I drank a lot of water until my urine was clear. But if you're a constant smoker, beware...
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Two to three hits, and you should be good two days later. Just to be on the safe side drink a good amount of water.

On the other hand, at one point in my life I was a very heavy smoker (about an eighth a day for 12-13 years). I got into some trouble, and was put in jail. About 45 days into my time I was given a UA and still tested positive. I think It is different for everyone.

I still love green, but not the lifestyle or where it usually leads. I have been sober by choice since April of 2010! I got out of jail in 2008, but still hadn't figured out sobriety. I had other issues besides the weed. I am not preaching - each to their own! But for me, I choose sobriety!
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I don't know guys... Honestly. It's all about sweating, and if you do some cardio and lift weights regularly, it should clear in about 1 week maximum from the last time you smoked (but that's only if you smoke a really small joint a day and not more than that).

Give your body some rest for a while, give it a day or two and have your puffs after that. Always let the body rest for a bit, exercise regularly and drink a lot of water. Then you should be GOOD! Peace out.
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I have not smoked in 8 years and I'm thinking I want to! I think two puffs and two days later anyone should be fine. That's the honest truth.
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2 puffs huh.  When you say "stay in your system" do you mean

a) as measured in blood

b) as measured at the brain level

c) as measured by psychoactive effect (self perceived)

My guess:  A) an hour,  b) 3.5 hours  c)several hours.

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Pot stays in the system for up to a month. It builds up over time so if you only took a couple tokes the other night you will be fine . But on the other hand if you are a chronic smoker, who smokes more than a joint a week you are in trouble!
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I'm 5'6, 120lbs. I smoked heavily and passed within a week of my last smoke. Some of these folks are simply trying to scare you from smoking it when they don't agree with it.

If you're fat it'll take 1-2 months. If you're a skinny bitch like me who never gains a pound I say one week, maybe two. You should be clean for sure. I don't know why people smoke weed on probation anyway, as far as testing as part of your job - oh well at least you still have your freedom, and there's always another job around the corner.
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I've read it gets stored in your fat cells and can be released long after the fact, but I don't know if that will show up on a drug test.  You need to just quit and stay out of trouble.  Quitting will make it easier to stay out of trouble and you'll have more money for doing fun stuff that isn't destructive to your health.
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you mean like the lgalized synthetic drug of alcohol.known to destroy your body at least 5 times over from weed
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C'mon...if it's legal it's right to some extent..maybe not DUI..BUT
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Dear Two Hits. Stay off the weed all together when you know you have to take a drug test for employment soon. That is a reality for people who enjoy pot in the privacy of their own homes - get high, or get employment.

Common Sense
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yeah..makes some degree..if what you're going for calls for it then be what it may

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