I'm Throwing Up Yellow, Am I Pregnant?


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Have you had anything to eat or are you throwing up on an empty stomach?  With my first pregnancy I was throwing up before I missed my period.  Usually it was first thing in the morning and then it would be yellow.  All other times it was what I had eaten.  I'd go take a test.
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When you throw up yellow stuff it's called stomach bile, meaning there is no food to come back up. It doesn't mean your pregnant but if you are late then maybe you are.

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Vomiting is not the first sign of pregnancy. The first sign is missing of periods. If you missed periods on due dates, then you can suspect pregnancy but not sure sign of pregnancy. So , get pregnancy test in blood and in urine.
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This is not a sign of pregnancy it is stomach acid. Or byal stomache acid. You need to have a pregnancy test done to see if you truly are pregnant!!! Best wishes to you!!!!
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Well I got up today, I'm sure I ate before I went to sleep... And I got a hunger pain that was so
sharp that I can feel the bile in my stomach move up and I almost didnt make it to the rest room safely....lol......I did think I was preggo before this happened guess its time to take that test lol.... Good luck

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