Can I Eat Whey On A Gluten Free Diet?


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Whey is the by product of cheese. It does not contains gluten. So safe for celiac disease. Gluten is found in grass related grains like, rye, wheat and barely. If you are having problems of lactose tolerance then you can not take it otherwise celiac patients can take it.
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There are lots of gluten free breads out there. I dunno if you've heard of Ezekiel bread. While it's technically not Gluten free diet, people who are sensitive to gluten but not allergic can tolerate it because of the sprouted grains. I have a gluten sensitivity and have eliminated gluten from my diet (I'm vegan as well) and I eat Ezekiel bread.

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Yes. Whey is the liquid left over after making cheese. It is used in a lot of protein drinks and in baby formula because of it's protein content.

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