Can I Drink Whiskey On A Gluten Free Diet?


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Every gluten intolerant person has to figure out some of these things on their own. For example, it is common for me and many other people to have a bad reaction (stomachache and diarrhea) from Bob's Red Mill Certified Gluten-Free Oatmeal, because oatmeal–––even certified gluten free oatmeal–––can effect gluten sensitive people differently. It is the same thing with alcohol which is made from grains which contain gluten. I am an example of someone who can drink whisky and scotch even though a spoonful of wheat or barley will keep me up sick all night. The whisky and scotch never bother me, and I drink pretty regularly. However, I have read on celiac internet sites that any liquor made from gluten-containing grains should be strictly avoided. Try and little and watch how you feel. It's important with allergies to be kind to yourself by being diligently aware of what you're eating and how you feel the next day.
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All distilled spirits are gluten-free.  Gluten does not survive the distillation process.
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Two other beer issues that you wouldn't get as severely (or at all) with whiskey or rum:
1. Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance - celiac disease requires a blood test to diagnose. Non celiac gluten intolerance requires an elimination diet. Beer contains gluten, but whiskey and rum are pretty much gluten free. The best place to get this information is at What is gluten free diet?

2. Sulfite allergy - This might be more likely, actually. Sulfites are added to wine and are in beer, and can be added as preservatives in various other alcohols, especially some flavored alcohols. I don't believe it is usually found in rum or whiskey, though. If you get very sick with wine, this is worth looking at. If wine doesn't bother you, it's not sulfites.

Also, sulfite allergic folks often report differing symptoms depending on the amount of sulfites OR the type of sulfites (there are a few different kinds that all make sulfite allergic folks react). Asthma like symptoms are one listed symptoms, and nausea and stomach upset (even delayed) can be another. The wine coolers and such with dyes and additives would be more likely to have added, and stronger, sulfites than beer, which has naturally occurring sulfites due to fermentation.

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No you should not drink whiskey on any condition rather on a gluten free diet also.

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