Can I Eat Grits On A Low Carb Diet?


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Grits are carbs.
So I guess it would depend on how serious you are about cutting the carbs in your diet.
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Grits are not good because they are a dangerous carb if eaten often because they are on the bad list because  they raise blood glucose levels quite fast
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Not at my farm...bless your heart!
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On a low carb diet you're going to want to cut out your grits, a cup of that is going to be 35g of carbs...

A lot of low carb diets require you have under 50g of carbs for the day and that would not leave you much wiggle room.

Some low carb diets don't even allow that though...

The best thing is if you have decided to do a low carb diet, adhere to that protocol.  Don't try to get away with eating foods that would take you off the diet.  If you find yourself doing that though, it may be that this diet is not for you...which is fine.

You can still lose weight in many other ways, as long as you maintain a caloric deficit.

If you need any more info on what you can and cannot eat/do when trying to lose weight, this should help.

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I did a few years ago. I mean it works wonders it really does. I lost 12 pounds in 10 days which I know is not normal. If you want to loose weight fast it's a good thing but it's not good for you at all. I had to fit in a graduation dress 2 weeks before the prom and I didn't know what else to do. It really works but like I said, I know someone who had a heart-attack while on the diet and ended up dying. I would not rec commend it for that fact. Also, after I got off of the diet I gained it all back. Even though I lost 10 pounds, I probably gained back 15 along with the 10 after. It's a good diet if you just need it for something quick. But I would not recommend it because of the health issues, and you gain more back than you lost to begin with. I suggest you Atkins diet foods through this you get more results about what can you eat on the Atkins diet .

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