What Is Pus?


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Pus is a whitish or yellowish color liquid that accumulates in an injured area of the body. When a lot of pus accumulates in a particular enclosed space, it is called an abscess and can be very dangerous. Pus is a good thing because it forms when your body is trying to fight off infection in an open wound or pimple on the body.
Pus can also be found in pimples that form on the face or other parts of the body. A whitish or yellowish pimple is one that is full of pus. When the white blood cells of the body fights infection caused by an injury or by clogged pores in the body, pus forms in while the body is fighting against the infection. A small amount of pus such as that found in a pimple is easily cleaned and treated without any damage. However, if there is a large amount of pus, there is a more dangerous infection and will require medical treatment.
When pus is present, it means that you definitely have an infection. It is proof that white blood cells, a collection of dead skin cells, and bacteria are fighting the infection that is present or developing within the body.  
Pus can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, warm water, and with antibacterial agents. Doctors will prescribe antibiotics for massive or dangerous infections.
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PUS is a liquid kind of thing which comes out of the wounds when it gets infected by the external infecting agents like air, water & dust... It can be avoided by taking Anti septic Injections.. Hope you got more in formations junta..
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A secretion from inflamed tissue, usually sticky and creamy, which contains white blood cells, serum and bacteria.
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I have a cut and a lot of pus is comm-ing out I went to doctor and gave me antiblitacal it 2 days got all better

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