I Got Lil Bumps Inside My Vagina? Shoul I Be Worried?


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I have the same thing.. They are red and they itch a little.. I don't really ever notice them. Unless they are REALLY itching... I can't exactly tell my parents since they passed away and My guardian is my UNCLE. So I can't exactly tell him.. I'm also 14 going on 15 and a virgin so I don't think it can be an STD... I was reading in some other online sites and they say that if you keep it clean down there that it can help. I have been keeping it clean and it's helped quite a bit. So maybe try that? And also TONS of other girls have this problem so it's not like it's not normal.
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I have these bumps in side my vagina..they don't hurt ot itch..but I don't know what they are or if its normal..and I can't exactly go to my mom and tell her...can some one help?
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These bumps can be allergic reactions. This can be due to use of some medicines or this can be due to sperm allergy or it can be due to condom allergy. Thy itch in pubic hairs is due to seborrhea. Shave it and use a dermocorticoid with precaution.

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