What Are The Similarities Of Guidance And Counseling?


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• Counseling
A counselor is trained to be able to listen to people and to encourage them to explore their thoughts and emotions freely and openly. They will ask probing, pertinent questions that will enable the client to be able to consider things that perhaps they had never thought of before

A counselor will also, through exploring, be able to help the client see things in a different perspective and to be able to come to terms with whatever is affecting them.

The purpose of counseling is not to tell people how to live their lives, or what to do next, but to let people see for themselves what the options are so they can work things through themselves.

Obviously, some people have issues that cannot be resolved; perhaps something has happened in their lives that they find extremely difficult to deal with, and counseling will give them strategies so that they can cope, and so that it will not have too great an adverse effect.

• Guidance
Guidance, on the other hand, will do lots of things that counseling will do, but there is an extra element to it in as much as the person who is doing the guiding will advise, and guide.

This means that the person doing the guidance must not have any agenda in relation to the person they are guiding, and should be completely neutral in the whole matter.

Options that are available need to be explored so that the person can be sure that they are making the right decision for them.

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