Can You Discuss On The Characteristics Of Counseling?


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Characteristics of Counselling
Characteristic of Counselling are given below:
1. Counselling as a Relationship
Counselling is sufficient for constructive changes to occur in clients (Rogers, 1957). The counselling relationship is characterized by core conditions namely empathy, unconditioned positive regard, and genuineness.
2. Counselling as a Repertoire of Interventions
In counselling several questions (like which, when, and with what client) are answered and while interventions are decided an attempt is made to have a match between the client and the counsellor.
3. Counselling as a Psychological Process
I. Goals of counselling have a mind component.
Ii. Counselling Process is psychological.

Iii. Underlying theories are psychological: Some psychologists like Rogers, Albert Ellis and psychiatrists like Berne and Beck have contributed enormously to counselling theories. For example, information about human nature has been derived from psychological theories.
Iv. Some people argue that counselling is not a profession as it is used in so many disciplines in so many sphere of life, e.g., loan counsellors, business counsellor, etc., but the difference is that professional counsellors work according to some theoretical model.
V. Psychological research contributes both to creating counselling theories and to evaluate counseling process.
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The basic idea of counseling is to be a listening ear for those who need to talk. It's important to listen and then present questions that will allow the person you are counseling to think about the situation differently and ultimately solve the problem to a degree themselves. This is a very delicate role to play in a person's life. The thought process for the counselor has to be that it is all about the person I am counseling and allowing them to speak all that is going on in their life.

I hope this helps you.
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