What Is Fetal Pole Abnormality?


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Fetal pole is a thick spot near what is called a yolk sack (which nourishes the embryo), and is used to detect  the earliest signs of a baby (early in a pregnancy)when an ultrasound is done.  This is before the baby has formed a recognizable human shape (in the first 10 weeks). By using the ultrasound, the fetal pole becomes visible around 6 weeks after conception.  Sometimes, unfortunately, things go wrong during those early weeks, and the main abnormalities are usually loss of the fetal heartbeat, or no existing yolk sack, or a blockage.  Also, there have been times when this has to be repeated again, because the heartbeat of the embryo may be too faint to detect.  I am so very sorry to hear that this was the diagnosis for your daughter, and I hope that she will be all right.

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