Can You Mix Meth And Cocaine?


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You certainly can mix meth and coke, although the experience might not be all you bargained for!

Here are the reasons why:

Why mixing coke and meth is a bad idea:
Firstly, you talk about meth and coke as if you know what you are ingesting. The fact is, you don't - plain and simple.

Unless you've got a chemical lab in your backroom, or one of those machines they use to detect drugs at airports- the chances are the 'coke' and 'meth' you are buying isn't exactly what it says in the label.

Before all you junkies get really touchy and start telling me how much you trust your 'source' (because drug dealers are so reliable), you may want to consider that the guy you bought the substance from might also not know what he's talking about.

Does he have a degree in pharmacology? No? Didn't think so...

Street drugs like meth and coke are often cut with a whole range of substances. As prices for cocaine go up, everything from baking soda to Adderall is added to it.

Taking coke and meth together are you?
If you've ever watched one of those TV shows where customs officers at airports show how they track down drug dealers, you'll notice that the drugs they find aren't exactly pure.

Even when drug-mules get caught at the airport with a large block of something they shouldn't have, the tests carried out on these 'straight from the source' products show that they vary in purity.

If your drug supply is already mixed at this point in the process, what the hell do you think you end up snoring or smoking by the time it gets to you.

If this doesn't put you off doing drugs, I hope it at least makes you reconsider mixing them.

Because you have no clue about the purity of the substances you've been ingesting, it's very easy to take too little - or too much.

I don't need to warn you about the dangers of 'accidentally' taking too much - I'm sure you're cleverer than that!
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Yes, and it gives you that extremely fuzzy feeling in the back of your head like the world is moving slowly, but also at a fast choppy speed.

You hear them steel bells and zoom on the train ride of a lifetime for a while. 
Best high ever.
This is when you slam it.
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Meth and cocaine, are both exhilarants, it makes you high.
This mixture is too strong and not suggested.

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