Can You Die From Using Crystal Meth Once?


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YES!!! There are hundreds of thousands of people who have simple to serious heart/health conditions that are totally unaware of it!  I'm sure you've heard on the news before of a teenage athlete who suddenly collapsed dead on the field, track or gym floor from an apparent unknown heart related issue.  I know I have many times.  I'm in no way saying these deaths are related to the use of meth.  What I am saying is that you can NOT say for certain that your heart and brain will accept this toxic chemical with out reaction!  AND MOST IMPORTANTLY~I'VE NEVER EVER, I REPEAT EVER MET ANYONE WHO TRIED IT ONCE!!! IF YOU TRY IT, YOU MAY AS WELL KISS YOUR FREEDOM GOODBYE!  Please....don't ever even try just once! That's all it needs and you're hooked.
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No, but it is extremely addicting and you WILL use it again. We learned this in health.

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