The Inside Of My Penis, Right At The Tip Is Sore And Red. What Is This?


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Its a staph (Staphylococcus) or E. Coli infection people!!! Make your doctor give you TRIMETHOPRIM for at least a month to three months and rub aloe vera into the tip. Keep going for as long as you can!!  Iv been on 300mg's once a day for 2 weeks and its gone away but will finish the month and will probably try to go for three months if I can. Just to make sure. It can cause diarrhea so consult your doctor if it gets bad. Iv had it for about 8 months and thought it was something like herpes. I spoke to so many doctors none had any idea what it was. Sum said it was an irritation and id just have to live with it (quacks). I was starting to get neuropathy and all sorts of other very serious problems 2. They have all gone in 2 weeks and now ill keep going to make sure it is completely gone it can be very difficult to get rid of so don't skip a dose. I hope this helps you. Best wishes damnishouldabeenadoctor :)
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A inside look huh? Well, from what I have learned, if it looks sore, it probably feel sore. That is a tender area and if you just continue to look at it the pain will make go to a place where someone experienced will tell you what it is. Best Wishes!
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I have the same problem my penis is sore and red and the tip what could it be?

Please help do I need to be circumcized I am 13 and still a virgin

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