What Does Fake Crystal Meth Look Like?


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Fake crystal meth is easier to tell from real crystal meth than you might think. An authentic version of the drug should smell like chemicals, something like a driveway cleaner. It should look like real parts of a crystal, and will appear all clear or white in a dust-like powder. The clear crystals might also appear tallow or in a champagne color.

But did you know what drug addiction can do to you? Did you know you could be addicted to drugs without even knowing it? The fact is, crystal meth does nothing good for you. Crystal meth is just one of the popular drugs in modern society that destroys lives and rips apart families. What do you really gain when you take crystal meth?

Instead of thinking about what you gain, perhaps you should think about what you lose. Think about your family. Do they really want you getting tied up in something as bad as crystal meth, or any illegal drug for that matter?

Think about your finances. Look at how much money you’re losing when you buy just a couple of fixes of crystal meth. Finally, think about your mental stability. With every drug you take, you’re taking away your freedom. You can quickly become addicted without even realising it, and soon enough, your whole life will revolve around drugs, and your list of priorities will change dramatically.

Get to a drug rehabilitation centre today and you’ll be able to start living a decent life without worrying about whether or not your crystal meth is real.
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If your asking this queston maybe you should stop getting it from the people your goin off of
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For a guy like me, my options are limited. I am not checking to see if I've been burned, I want to make sure I don't get burned. I heard some guys sell bath salts? How do you guys tell the difference(
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Baking soda. Crystal meth should smell something like driveway cleaner. Crystal meth can look like: Shards of crystal, clear or white dust(which is the bottom of the barrel or smashed on purpose, depends how it is intake in), clear crystals maybe with some yellow / champange color,  dark yellow ball / powder. Cocaine just looks white / off white & smells like Raid.
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The best fake crystal meth I've ever seen was Hawaiian rock salt or just plain old Rock Candy that has been moistened a little to make it appear like quality product.
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activist you sound like you love the fake stuff and dont you mean to say the best fake stuff you've ever smoked... sounds like you've had it all
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If ya all want to know what fake crack looks like, smoke it then you'll feel like a real mort afterwards. If it is fake, there's no point asking for your money back because you downed it already so it'll be in your lungs and gone... and would have done nothing to you except disappoint you!

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What the hell would look like a good batch of meth but, when you smoke it or try to smoke it. Puffs up like Styrofoam and does nothing for you! Depending on what it is can it be under cooked meth

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