If My Baby Is Due In January When Was I Conceived?


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According to your statement of delivery the end of april and the beginning of may,depending on due date,if its Jan,29,the month of may,if its Jan,2,the end of april
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Well you fall preganant 13 to 14 days after a period so if you count back 40 weeks then or however many weeks you were preganant for you get your answer so for the 16 of january you conceived on the 11th of april and would have had period around the 28 of march I think thats right tell me if not I'm olivia any ways.
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My son was born jan, 26
what day would I have conceived?
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My daughter was born Feb 25 when did I conceive
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I am not too good with due dates, but I do want to say something to you. Because you revealed you had relations with two men, and since you are concerned about the  pregnancy date, you are saying you had unprotected sex with two men very close together.  Think about if you are pregnant. Can you be sure you did not  come away with some type of STD that could harm a fetus or change your life as you know it. Please be protected.  wishing you well
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I had protected sex with guy #1 and then with guy #2 a month later. I know did not contract any STDs because the doctors would have told me when they did my blood work!
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I found this website and has great list of pregnancy signs that can occur in any trimester.you can even download an ebook on the topic.anyway the safest way would be to make a pregnancy test, or go to a doctor for a blood test.a quick online solution would be the one I mentioned above - there are all possible pregnancy signs and symptoms mentioned.
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If you have pregnancy symptoms you need to go to the doctor and get tested for sure, you can use this pregnancy calculator to see when you might be due http://pregnancyrx.com/pregnancy_calculator.php
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Well my baby was born Feb. 9 and I conceived in May, but she was also 2 week early, she was suppose to come March 4, so you probably conceived at around April or late March, probably April though, if my calculations are right.

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