Can A Straight Man Wear Victoria's Secret Panties?


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Yes - I do all the time.  I love the older style - the newer panties don't fit as well - too small.  They should realize that lots of men buy and wear their products and they should use a little more material to help cover a mans package (even if its small like mine).
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I shop there all the time!  I have even bought some nice lingerie and a couple of bras there! You also can try them on there to make sure they fit, just ask to try them on and the girls are more then happy to help you out! I had a couple of them put together a complete lingerie outfit and asked me how I liked it, I tryed it on, it fit prefectly and I bought it!
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Sure, why not!  I do and in fact my wife and I go out shopping together to buy me new panties and bras and Victoria's Secret is one of our favorite places to go.  In fact sometimes we buy matching sets which we wear on the same day ... She knows what I am wearing and I know what she is wearing under our clothes.
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Yeah ummm... I don't think any type of man should
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why such negativity with me wearing pretty things? Women wear boxers and pants. Ellen DeGeneres is wearing a tux as the host of the Oscars - who cares! Unless you are that insecure you have to worry about what others wear!

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Yes, they are great. Who cares what people think, you only live once.  Go far away where you won't bump into anyone you know.

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I think so. I wear them all the time. I like the lacy bikinis.

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Umm...if you guys like the kinky stuff...but I'd advise against it because its kinda weird...
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I don't know Courtney ... I don't see anything weird about the fact that I enjoy wearing sexy lingerie under my drab clothes. Besides, most people don't see my lingerie and even if they do it isn't harming anyone, is it?

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