Even If You As A Women Don't Like Men Wearing Panties What Style, Color, Fabric Would You Like To See A Man That Wears Panties?


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From A Man - Been wearing panties and bras since age 8 - Big allowance and odd jobs let me buy lingerie at that young age - I hate thongs - Although there many different styles of panties for women, men are stuck generally with boxers and jockey briefs, both usually cotton - Women have all the fun with a variety of styles and fabrics, while men are generally stuck with 2 styles  - I wear nylon full panty briefs i.e. Granny Panties because I like the feel and support that this style has around by body - The next are nylon French cut briefs - I like most any color but prefer yellow although its hard to find that color - My favorite mfg. Of panties is OLGA because the fabric stretches both side ways as well as up and down - Very comfy to wear - If you girls have never tried them, buy a pair sometime - You will like the feel, I am sure!  -  HOPE  THIS  HELPS
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Unless a woman does take the time to pick out panties for you, you aren't going to get a legitimate answer. Women love a slender waist, biceps and broad shoulders (generally), and something that sculpts the manhood is good, but you don't need to wear a panty for that. If you wear a panty, it is because you enjoy it, not because the woman does. So, again, unless the woman picks out the panties that she wants her man to wear (and she would obviously approve of the panty wearing) she isn't interested in any panty preference for men. Society has accepted business men wearing pink and other pastel like colors in oxford shirts, hopefully soon it will be more acceptable for men to be able to wear panties as regular underwear without the manhood stigmatisms put on them.
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I agree that men should be able to wear panties 24/7 if they want to. I like High Cut nylon panties with plenty of lace and pastel colors.
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I am a woman and I actually like men in panties. I like them in thongs, bikini's and boy shorts. Maybe it is my way of making my fantasies of being with another woman more real. My favorite colrs are pink, white and black. My current boyfriend, who is married loves to wear panties but his wife does not approve.
When we are together he always wears panties and our love making is fantastic. We both leave our panties on and he slips his penis out the leg opening and I guide him into me after I move my panties to the side.
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My wife likes me in a number of different styles, colors of panties.  Either she buys them for me or we go out shopping together and she suggests and we buy it together.  We have several matching sets, both bra and panties and it is fun to wear them on the same day knowing what the other is wearing under our clothes.

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