What Can Make Bones Thicker And Stronger?


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Calcium is the chemical element that is associated with healthy bones, and it can be found in all dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt).

In our younger years, calcium is responsible for making our bones thicker and stronger. As we grow older, it makes sure our bones remain healthy.

In addition to increasing your calcium intake, there are a couple of other things you can do to make your bones stronger and thicker:

How to get strong bones
Other Vitamins- or more specifically, Vitamin D and K, are very useful when it comes to helping your bones grow strong. Both vitamins work to maintain your calcium levels.

Exercise- Can help strengthen the muscles around your bones, and this will encourage good health and thick bones. Exercise is also good, because it gets your system working at an optimal level, processing all the nutrients your body needs.

Magnesium- Is another chemical that your body needs to keep nutritional balance.

Avoid phosphoric acid- Doctors often recommend that you don't drink soda if you suffer from brittle bones. This is because sugary carbonated beverages often contain phosphoric acid, which is known to 'drain' the calcium from your system.
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Watercress can make your bones stronger and thicker because of its  richness of calcium; hence, it is extremely good for the bone health at every age. Calcium also enables to promote bone density.

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Making bones thicker and stronger is pretty simple: Just eat a healthy and nutritious diet, and get a lot of vitamin D.

I know, it's so boring but it actually helps!

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