How can I make my body stronger?


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Drink milk.

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ly fen chen answered

Doing some exercises, as there are some kinds of exercises that make the body stronger. But to do them, we need courage and perseverance.

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To make your body stronger, you will need to build muscle. There is no other way about it. Luckily, building muscle can be fairly easy if you get into the right routine...

Muscles are the soft tissues attached to our bones which enable us to move, do exercise, lift things- basically anything involving movement or strength.

Although we all have muscles, in order to increase body strength, we need to work on making them stronger. This doesn't necessarily mean bigger - lean muscle can also be effective (think of the body type of long distance runners), and there are things we can do for our core strength (the muscles in the centre of our body) which will make a big difference.

To work on strength specifically (as opposed to general fitness) I would say you'll need to join a gym, so my advice is to do that, and take advantage of the induction session with a personal trainer (these usually come as standard). 

You can talk to them about what you are trying to achieve and they can help you to draw up a program to reach your goals. 

The two tips I would throw in from my personal workout routine is:

  • Diet is just as important as exercise when you're trying to build muscle. Protein-heavy food is recommended.
  • If you're trying to bulk up, then weight training is certainly the best option. You may even want to avoid too much cardio as this can have the opposite affect of creating a "lean" or "toned" look, rather than promoting muscular growth.

Good luck!

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