How Can I Make My Penis To Be Way More Thicker?


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Many men would like to have their penis enlarged, yet not all actually become successful with this particular task due to the fact that there are numerous obstacles along the path in achieving this goal. It is a must for you to know all secrets regarding an effective plan in male enhancement in order for you to have the ultimate penis.
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All These answeres are not as good as mine: I do Chinese exercises. First stretch your penis by holding it with one hand and slighty stretching it with the other. Count to ten then smack it against your left leg 38 times. Repeat this five times and keep stretching in different directions each time followed by a smack of 38 time on your left leg. You;ll get 2 inches in a week or so and be a lot fatter
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Smash it with a hammer .. Be advised it hurts like hell but you will be pleased with the size .. At least until the swelling from infection goes down

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Date a midget.  If she comments on your small penis just tell her to get back in the nightstand
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NOO seriously.
Go to a surgeon dude.
Why can't you just be happy with your size?
Itcant be that small LOL
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I'm sorry, but short of plastic surgery, there is no simple way to make your member thicker. Usually thickness is not really the issue, it is the technique that is used and the response to your sexual partner. Size can be important, but it is really rather a male fixation.

The technique of using cosmetic or plastic surgery to enhance the penis is called Phalloplasty.

Fat injection and fat grafting are both used to thicken the penis. With fat injection, fat is taken from one area of the body and injected into the penis to thicken it. It takes up to six weeks for sexual activity to be resumed.

Fat grafting, pieces of fat and skin are taken from one area to another, again, it takes six weeks to return to full sexual health.

However, there is often no real reason to have phalloplasty, just enjoy what you already have!
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You can make you penis  thicker.. Yes   you need and hair band put it on 1 twist. And get it up
all night
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Carefully, lay it across a steel anvil or hardwood bench and whack it repeatedly with a 5 pound flat-faced hammer. It'll get a lot thicker.

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