Are Dimples A Birth Defect?


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Yes Dimples are caused by a birth defect. The dimple is usually giving to you by your parents Since it is a dominate gene. They are actually caused by a shorter muscle then most people have. Which explains why some people grow out of there dimples as they get older and there bodie grows..... But most of us like me have had them their hole life and they are nothing to worry about show them off as much as you can they are one of the most adored traits giving to us nowadays
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Yes beacuse the muscles in your cheeks are supposed to conect but with dimples they don't fully conect when in the mothers stomach it just doesnt fully develope. So yes they are a birth defect.
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Well I took A&P this past spring and my teach said that they are like a deformity. I have freckles attached earlobes and I can roll my tongue into three folds.....all deformities that came from your parents special chromosomes.
I think dimples are gorgeous. I bet you are too. Wink wink
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No. They are a physical genetic trait.
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Ive watched it in the Doctors show. They said it is a birth defect. I just forgot the scientific explanation :)
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