I Am Pregnant And My Husband Gives Me No Affection Anymore, What Is Wrong With Him?


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My sisters husband treated her the same way.  He thinks pregnant woman are just disqusting.  He called her names,  told her she looked like a whale etc...  I would get so upset with him for hurting her feelings.  When she gave birth he was there but not because he wanted to be.  He loves his girls very very much, but didn't like the whole pregnancy thing.
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Not only does pregnancy affect you, it also affects your husband. Just like when you get mood swings during pregnancy sudden craves for food you change during those 5 months. He also is changing. He's probably nervous and doesn't know how to handle it. DOn't fight over this it's not worth it. Yes he should be affectionate while your pregnant because he can't imagine what your going through at the moment. You've made your point that he's changed since the pregnancy. Leave it alone for a while. Show him some affection also if your not. It might just take him some time but he will most likely get better.
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Talk to him about it.
You'll get no where without communication (:
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I have talked to him he gets very angry, so I will never talk to him about this again
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Ya my bf just thinks i am just wanting sex to much like i am am a fend..... And he gets so angry. And last night i jsut wanted him to hold me and he got so upset because i was like begging him to just turn around and be with me that he stormed out of the room and slept in the other room..... So ya communication isnt it.. I say the same thing over and over again he just says to me, i am not on that level i need to get there mentally, i am not an emoitonal person, meanwhile i go without
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Sometimes the added  responsibility can cause this response.  Also knowing the baby is going to get more attention than he is for some time may be threatening.
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Some times its ok just take it but don't let it go far
some guys get like that because they have to worry about a other child coming into the world not only women get sick and all the ect... Things men do too
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Men are like babies. They sometimes feel jealous that another person is closer to you than he is, meaning the baby. Some men do not understand the change in bodily appearance and action when a woman is expecting. Things done normally in the romance department has changed a bit. They sometimes think they are going to injure the unborn child. They have no clear understanding that severe changes in a pregnant womans system is not something that comes with no discomfort in body and mind. Your hormones are hacked. Just tell him how you feel, get a book on pregnancy and childbirth and get comfy in the bed and read it together. You will both get a better understanding and perhaps you both can work on the changes you are going through and look forward to the precious bundle that will soon share your love. Wishing you well
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When I was pregnant, my fiance did the same thing to me. Come to find out a few months down the road, he cheated on me when I was 6 months along and was afraid he would pass a STD to me and our son. This might not be whats wrong with him. I know from experience that when you start a family, it puts a lot of  stress on the father to be. Talk it out with him. Find a way to open him up.
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It could be just that men are physical..and they only think about sex.  Maybe he worries he could hurt the baby and he covers up that he can't have sex by ignoring you physically.  Men are simple things and really can't understand that a woman can have 5 million reasons running through their mind when they only have one.  My hubby didn't touch me for the last 4 months of the pregnancy of our second child..and it really was because the baby carried so low sex hurt so it he didn't touch, it was easier not to get turned on.  It could be as simple as that and him trying to justifying it not realizing it hurts you.  Men are much more emotionally immature then women after all.

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