What are exersizes i can do to make myself stronger, a faster runner, have faster reactions, better catcher, kicker, and thrower? So I GET PICKED FIRST in gm this year. Please help i want this so bad ill do anything i have to do!


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Mandy Clark answered
Well all you really have to do is practice those things. For running, do build ups. Jog for about a minute and then sprint for 30 seconds and then walk for about 2 minutes and take a 90 second break for water and start over. Do this 3 times. For the other things, just practice practice practice and you'll get there:) I am a baseball player/basketball player/track runner so I had to get good at these things. When I first started baseball, I sucked. My swing was horrible and I threw like a toddler. I kept practicing and practicing and I was the all-star (or so my dad says) on my team my second season:)
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Arthur Wright answered
I'm telling you there is absolutely nothing you can do here that you arent already doing to make you any faster or stronger. These things only happen with lots of time so just be patient and keep doing what youre doing but don't expect a miracle here as it just isn't going to happen. Even the Pros in sports can't do this in 2 weeks which is why they workout every day of the year
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Melissa Trempel answered
I would come up with a routine of eating healthy, exercising, and getting the right amount of sleep.  You could get exercise CD's, a different CD that focuses on a different part of the body to tone and strengthen each day. I think as long as your eating, sleeping and exercising routinely you will feel good about yourself and have enough strength to endure any physical activities. Good luck, take care.

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