Where Can I Order HCG Shots ?


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You can purchase HCG doses from this link: www.hcgfatloss.com/buy-hcg.html, but you will need to gather the other materials: Alcohol swab, syringe with needle and a plastic or metal container on your own.  However if you live in the US, you can only get it via a prescription from your doctor.

HCG stands for Human chorionic gonadotropin and the diet is deemed controversial due to the fact that the chemical is taken intravenously and because of where it comes from.

HCG is a glycoprotein hormone that women produce during pregnancy.  It is created by the embryo and then by a part of the placenta.  It is also manufactured in the pituitary gland (small gland at the bottom of the brain) of men and women although taking the chemical from a person’s brain is just too dangerous for the sake of a little weight loss.

It is interesting to note that HCG is acquired by filtering it out of pregnant women’s urine.  It can also be created through genetic modification.

Users of the HCG diet are advised to take no more than 40 shots as too much of the chemical can cause your body to react towards it and build up immunity to it.  Women are advised not inject HCG while menstruating.  Following menstruation however, women will become increasingly hungry if injections are not resumed.

It is advised to a great degree that you consult your GP before you go on the HCG diet.  Injecting yourself with foreign chemicals can be a scary idea and can put many people off.  Bear in mind that this diet is a treatment and not a cure.  Following the diet, if you do not maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, you will likely put weight on again.  There is no permanent cure for weight gain other than being healthy.

Since HCG is not technically a drug, there are no known side-effects, but should any occur, stop taking it immediately!
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The Metabolic Weightloss Clinic in Findlay has great prices, great service, great reputation and excellent results. They only do injectable HCG because that is the best results you'll have . The homeopathic remedies are not prescription HCG and have alcohol in them .The clinic also deals with people who are diabetic or on blood pressure medications. These need to be regulated carefully and diet counseled. ! 419-423-6879 They ship also.
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You can get HCG Ready to use along with B12 and Bcomplex really reasonable from "The Metabolic Weightloss Clinic" online. They even have payment plan,so affordable and they give you all the info you need for the diet. Go to  Website www.ohiohcgclinic.com. You won't be sorry you did.
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get the book called HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide by Linda Prinster
she tells you websites to go to.
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Dr. Mostafa in Commack 631-462-6161 has it available.  Everyone I spoke with is raving about this method of weight loss.  His office hours are Monday through Thursday 11:00am till 5:00p,m/ and Saturday from 10:002m till 2:00pm
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If you want the real shots with actual HCG made in the US, go to www.hcgdietkits.com  It's only a $395 total and it's doctor supervised.  I got it in just 4 days and lost 35 pounds.  Paul's there to help with everything also, all included and he helped me so much.

Sorry, I'm so happy that I did so well and had to share it!!

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HCG or human choriogonadotropin is an hormone which is secreted during early pregnancy for the development of placenta. There are some reports and claims that HCG injection can be helpful for weight loss. A daily dose of 125-200 IU of HCG in injection form can reduce 1-2 lb daily when given along with 500 calorie diet.
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