Can I Get Pregnant On HCG Shots?


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Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced naturally in the body during pregnancy. An HCG injection is given in order to increase the fertility of women and improve their chances of becoming pregnant. It is usually administered along with other fertility drugs and is known as the trigger which can cause ovulation. It is also the hormone that maintains the production of progesterone when conception occurs.

The treatment does require mature follicles in order to be effective and this is why it is often used with other drugs.Timing is important in the administration of the injection. It is necessary to take place on a specified day of the fertility treatment cycle to avoid release of immature eggs or eggs that are too old to be fertilized.

The injection is usually given into the buttock or thigh muscles and this may be possible to do yourself. You should always consult a doctor or health care provider before taking injections and be aware that in certain cases this medicine may not be suitable. You should disclose any other conditions and supplements that you may be taking and your doctor will be able to suggest other courses of action that may be better.

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