What Is The Recovery Of Sperm To Avoid Weakness In Legs?


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Excess of every thing is bad. Masturbation or sex after every hour can cause physical weakness. The best way to overcome this weakness is to get sleep for 1 or 2 hours. Take fruit juices or glass of glucose after the sex. Process of sperm formation is completed after 72 days and 8 hours. But a time, many batches of sperms are in process. So, sperm deficiency is self treated after few hours of ejaculate in a young person like you.
So in my opinion, you should have a balance for daily sex or masturbation. Improve you balance diet, drink fruit juices, glucose after sex and sleep well.
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I don't do masterbating alot hardly 2 par mounth or 3 .but from previous 2 mouthz I 1 have done onces par mouth. Mastubating or sex is that thing which your body need after some days but I'm tens that y my body is not requiring .is m getting any prob or my sperz are not recover so thats y .n m not get turn on easy by seen nude pic or vedios which were alright before . In which juices are good I mosly drink pomegranate juices .please help me I don't what to use that tables like vgra or sme else
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Dear piercedcup,

Bashing people on forums will not solve your inept social behavioral problems. Seek professional help. Oh! Btw we seem to understand what innocent just fine.
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Recover sperm? What on earth are you talking about??? I suggest you try thinking about what it is you want to ask and put it in a way so people can understand and have a shot at answering you. Freak.

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