When I Ate A Small Peach This Morning My Teeth Suddenly Turned White, Even Whiter Than After I Go To The Dentist For Cleaning!?!


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Peachs have a chemical inside it that makes your teeth alot whiter than before. Peachs can also be used to in the olden days help them wash clothing. In tooth paste, there are the peach chemicals inside it to make your teeth cleaner but not alot then every tooth paste will taste like peachs. There are some tooth pastes that tastes like peachs for kids. Sense you talked about peachs, I'm going to eat some right now. I love peachs alot. Whiter teeth here you come!!! Lol
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That is very interesting information ........I love peaches and but it is hard to get good ones except when they are in season
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Bravo..great to know from others that peach has been used in toothpaste.  My concern is that this reaction can be the result of iodine deficiency. I have had peach but I have never had my teeth react that way.

Do you tend to sleep a lot and within a short period of time?
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Lemon meringe pie also does this.it is a form of acid that cleans the plaque off the teeth.or should i say breaks it down sort of like a cleanser.sort of like a natural cleaner.what's that word citric acid.did you also know they even use a form of apple juice to stop rust and neutralize it.amazing what God made isn't it.
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I was going to say-you actually ate a piece of real fruit grown on a tree from a seed,? : ).ewwww gross.did you at least wash it off first maybe it was the pesticide that clean your teeth and not the peach.
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There  could  be  a   harmless  chemical  in  peaches  that  help  whiten the teeth
and  takes  away  stains ,  I know  that   they say   grapefruit   helps  lower
cholestrol    and  so  does  eating   the plain cheerios
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Hiya Brav0.I was told that years and years ago,the inside of a peach stone was powdered to make tooth cleansing paste/powder.
I didn't believe it,but i do now
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I Think They Have Something In Them That Does That .I Like Peaches Okay But I Really Love Plums Which Makes A Mess Of Me

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