Will Detox Product, "Rescue Ice" Pass A Drug Test For Meth?


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Not really, all most of these products are used to dilute the system so when they test your urine there is so much water that the drug is below abuse limits... Most of these products say drink lots of water, the water dilutes your system so the drug will not be seen then this detox drink will, sometimes(suspose to) replenish your body with normal toxins that would be in your urine.

If you were just to drink lots of water before the urine test some drug tests can tell you diluted your urine because creatine lvls and other lvls are not in your urine so it would come back as a diluted test and have to be redone or some cases your clinic would just call it a dirty test because you diluted your test on purpose.

So if you take this drink with no water or do not follow the directions perfect no it will not work if you do follow directions well it could work right but theres still the chance it could come back as a diluted urine sample from drinking to much water.
It really depends on what the drug test is for like are you on methadone or something and thats why your getting the test done and the such...

Good luck...

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