Does rescue detox ice work to pass a drug test?


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To be honest I'm not convinced that it does work. There are a lot of reviews about this and claims put out there to suggest that it does work to pass drug tests however I honestly don't believe these claims are true.

Obviously this is not the main use of the detox ice and so the companies involved don't market it as such; in fact, the only places such reports stem from (as far as I can see) are people who have taken and cleared drug tests. This may seem like a pretty accurate source but in reality there is no way of knowing that the reason such drug tests showed clear has anything to do with detox ice. In addition to this many such claims made on pro-drug websites could easily come from suppliers of the product which may use false names and post links to their own website.

Furthermore, I would never advise trying to pass a drug test through any method other than not taking drugs. Drug tests tend to be compulsory when there is an important reason why someone should know whether or not a person takes drugs. It should therefore be respected that, if drugs have been taken, the person administering the test has the right to be made aware of this. Serious reasons for drug testing can include child custody battles, high profile employment and law cases; in all cases accurate results are essential and fiddling the results is highly unethical.
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The herbs in rescue detox have a diuretic effect that helps you to flush unnatural substances out of your body. the creatine and vitamins are to replace what's been flushed out. Makes sense to me and I don't think I would have my job without it.

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