Can Perimenopause Effect Your Blood Sugar?


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Menopause is fact of all woman reaching to this age. There are many problems associated with perimenopause and imbalances of blood sugar is one of them. Other problems associated with this condition are anger, fuzzy thinking, anxiety, depression, hot flushes, insomnia, headache, backache, reduced blood sugar, fatigue, hypothyroidism, hysteria, facial hairs, hairs thinning, hairs loss, bone loss, swollen ankle, bloating, breast sagging, fibrocystic breast, palpitation of heart, acne, anger, allergies and fatigue.  
These all symptoms are not present at same time in all ladies. So, perimenopause can affected blood sugar levels. Blood sugar problems can be inherited and exercise can not prevent this but can reduce the consequences of the blood sugar problems,
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Perimenopause is actually one of the four stage of Menopause. It is the time when a woman's body is getting itself ready for the menopause. The ovulation and periods tend to slow down. This time period can last for as long as 15 years.

The common symptoms of Perimenopause are :
- Irregular periods
- Weight gain
- depression and anxiety
- Spotting
- Constipation

It does not normally affect the blood sugar of the individual. However, some women may experience unique symptoms. It is best if you consult a qualified obstetrician in this regard. She would guide you best about diet and habits during perimenopause.

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