What Are The Signs Of Perimenopause In Terms Of Periods?


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Normally it happens that any change in periods that marks the transition of menopause or more precisely the start of perimenopause goes unnoticed by women. This neglecting attitude could be attributed to the hectic schedules and many other factors that have overwhelmed the lives of the women who are experiencing perimenopause. In terms of perimenopause, changing periods is a great sign.

This could occur in the form of light periods, heavy periods and sometimes even no periods at all. The missed and the light periods are a representation of the anovulatory cyle while the heavier period characterizes the shedding of the extra lining of the uterus, which is pretty thick and is referred to as endometrium. Usually heavy periods occur after light periods to compensate for the thick lining that was not shed off during the light period. Also the frequency of periods many also change as perimenopause marks a fluctuating pattern in the production of estrogen and progesterone.

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