How Can You Lower Your Sugar?


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First of all to start lowering your sugar you need to understand and read all labels before eating. Most folks eat more sugar than they realize. Here is the equation for this problem. For example the food or liquid product you are consuming states on the left side sugar ,24g of sugar per serving. Follow this to the right side or there should be another column above stating DV. This refers to DAILY VOLUME and it should say 22%. This means that one serving of food or liquid you just consumed 22% of daily volume of sugar. So if you consumed 4 servings of this product x 24 g= 98g of sugar and then multiply 22% of DV of sugar in one helping X 4 servings for a total of 88% of your DV of sugar for the day.With just 12% more you are now over 100% of the maximum allowalble sugar ffor the day and you have not even finished breakfast. Also sugar is not sugar as there are 7 types. Glucose, Glactose, Maltose, Manose, Lactose, Fructose and Sucrose. Sucrose is the bad sugar in breads, pastas, sodas, donuts and Fructose the good sugar is in all fruits and vegetables and reguires 2/3 less insulin from the pancreas to break it down compared to sucrose or white sugar. Eat more fruit.
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Although high blood sugar levels are a serious health problem the treatment need not be so bad. Research shows that cinnamon lowers blood sugar to a large extent, so an easy way of treating your high blood sugar would be to sprinkle some cinnamon on your food. Even half a teaspoon daily can work miracles.

Another important thing for all people suffering from high blood sugar is to take time to relax. Meditating for a few minutes daily or spending some time in prayer will go a long way. Try your level best to stop getting overly stressed. Take a positive view on life and accept what you cannot change in a rational manner.

Exercise is also a must to lower your sugar. A walk for just 30 minutes is excellent for reducing blood sugar. Maybe you could take a pet, friend or family member along and make the exercise a habit.
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You can lower your sugar by not eating snacks which contain sugar-such as sweets and cakes.Eat healthier things such as apples and bread instead.It also helps if you play sports, because then you will be getting exercise.

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