What Do Steroids Do To Your Body?


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What do I think Steroids do to your body? Well I think that Steroids are just a type of drug that makes you look all strong and healthy, but they really aren't good for your body, they can really damage your body.well this is what I think steroids do to your body so don't take them please and thank you.:)
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Steroids make you very hungry and in some people leave a metallic taste in the mouth. The worst thing about steroid if you use them long term is that they deplete the calcium in your bones and over time you will end up with osteoporosis. If you can avoid taking them then please do so. Steroids are very good for getting you back on your feet after an illness but long term use is terrible. Certain steroids also make you very fat.
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Willow we must be thinking of different things...Yes they do make you hungry all the time, but I have never heard of a metallic taste in your mouth. Also athletes and other people that use them do it in cycles, not every day 24/7. You would only end up with tendon injuries and bone injuries if you don't work out before you use them. ( aka if you work out so much and gain so much muscle that your tendons and such aren't used to it. ) They do not make you fat.... It adds testosterone to your body which increases muscle.

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