What Does Rohypnol Do To Your Body?


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  (flunitrazepam), most commonly known as a date-rape
  drug, continues to be abused among teenagers and
  young adults, usually at raves and nightclubs. The
  drug remains readily available, mainly through pharmaceutical
  operators located in Mexico, especially Tijuana.
  Rohypnol is marketed by Hoffman-La Roche Inc.,
  and is legally sold in Latin America and Europe
  as a short-term treatment for insomnia, and as
  a preanesthetic medication. One of the significant
  effects of the drug is anterograde amnesia, a
  factor that strongly contributed to its inclusion
  in the Drug-Induced Rape Prevention and Punishment
  Act of 1996. Anterograde amnesia is a condition
  in which events that occurred while under the
  influence of the drug are forgotten.
  Rohypnol is available as a .5-milligram and 1-milligram
  oblong tablet, as well as a 1-milligram per milliliter
  injectable solution. Hoffman-La Roche phased out
  the 2-milligram dose tablet from 1996 to 1997,
  and is currently phasing out the round, white
  1-milligram tablet. The licit market for the drug
  is currently supplied with a 1-milligram dose
  in an olive green, oblong tablet, imprinted with
  the number 542. The new tablet includes a dye
  that, according to Hoffman-La Roche, will be visible
  if it is slipped into a drink. Reports indicate
  that Rohypnol is often sold for between $2 and
  $5 per dosage unit, although it may sell for from
  $10 to $30 per dosage unit.

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