Can A Married Pregnant Woman Receive Medicaid Assistance?


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Kathy Castillo Profile
Kathy Castillo answered
Yes. You can get medicaid. However, it will depend on your income. Check with your county office for more information about the income guidelines. If you cannot qualify for medicaid, you can try checking at your local health department for health care programs available for pregnant women and children.
Penny Kay Profile
Penny Kay answered
It depends entirely on income standards and elligibility, for the State,& County that you reside in. Being Married is not automatically a bar to receiving aid.
Charlie Profile
Charlie answered
It goes by income, you will have to call the Department of Children and Families. If they deny you, because you make too much and your income status changes, re-apply.

You can also go through the county you live in. I live in Polk County, so I would call the Polk County Health Department.
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Deemarcas Day answered
It goes by income and if you meet their eligibility requirements.  When the baby is born, the likelihood increases because of an extra dependent.

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