How Long Do Synthetic Cannabinoids Stay In Your System?


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Synthetic cannabinoids will still be present in the bloodstream of a user for anything up to two days after they were last taken.

These substances can be detected in other areas of the body for much longer periods of time, however.

This is because the length of time it takes for substances to leave an individual's system depends on a number of variables.

These include: A person's natural rate of metabolism, the amount of the drug that has been taken, and factors such as the weight, age and gender of the individual.

How long do synthetic cannabinoids stay in your system?
  • As I mentioned before, synthetic cannabinoids can be found in the bloodstream of an individual for up to forty-eight hours after the last dose.
  • Urine testing can find these substances for anything between two days and eleven weeks after they were last ingested.
  • Mouth swab testing is less frequently used, but it can find traces of these drugs within saliva for up to ten days after the drug was last used.
  • Hair follicle testing is used to determine a longer-term drug history of an individual. This form of testing can find traces of synthetic cannabinoids up to three months after they were last taken.
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Synthetic cannabis is a psychoactive herbal and chemical product that yields similar effects to cannabis or pot and will, on average, stay in your system for about 72 hours.

However this time is quite variable and depends on a number of factors including your age, weight, rate of metabolism, how much of the drug you have taken and over how long a period, what you have eaten and drunk in this period of time etc.

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