How Long Does K2 And Spice Stay In Your System?


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K2 and Spice are forms of synthetic cannabis which mimic the effects of the drug. This synthetic cannabis’s main active ingredient is THC which is the active ingredient in K2, Spice and cannabis.
These synthetic forms of cannabis became popular in the 2000s and although synthetic cannabis does not produce positive results in drug tests for cannabis, it is possible to detect its metabolites in human urine.
The active ingredient, THC, metabolises into fat cells in the body and there are a variation of factors that will depend on how long K2 and Spice stay in your system.
Research shows that people who use K2 and Spice regularly rid their body of the drug over a different time period from light irregular users.
Less frequent users get rid of the signs of the drug from their body faster than heavier regular users. This is as regular users store the chemicals in their fat cells and they are released slowly over a longer period.
So the less K2 and Spice that’s smoked and the less often its smoked will be one of the major factors in determining how long it takes it to leave the body. One-off users of K2 and Spice should rid their body of the drug within a few days.
Heavier and more regular users however may have to wait for a longer period for the drug to leave their body. For those users it can take between two weeks to a month before all signs of K2 and Spice are gone from their bodies. For very heavy users this can take up to three months.
So both K2 and Spice stay in your system for varying times, depending on the usage, how prolonged the usage is and how much is smoked.
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Just spoke to someone from Redwood Toxicology, the ONLY lab in the US that is able to test for it, and they said it only has a 72hr window of detection
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This answer is not accurate, despite wat redwood is saying about a 72 hr window i am on prohabtion + have been tested 3x for k2 by redwood nov18th dec5th jan3rd i failed all 3x.the 1st 2 posit made sense 2 me because i did not find out they were testing till the thurs be4 the 5th which @ that exact time i stopped smoking it approxiamatley a month later and its still coming up in my system with no answer from redwood.
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Spice, also known as K2 or synthetic cannabis is a psychoactive herbal and chemical product that yields similar effects to cannabis or pot.  Spice has been generally available since the early 2000s and is sold under various names and is an attempt to avoid the laws that make selling cannabis illegal.  Like anything else, the length of time Spice stays in your system depends on a number of factors including your age, weight, metabolic rate, sex, how much you have taken and over how long a period.  On average, however, it can/will be in your system for about 72 hours.
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It can stay in your urine for up to 5 hours.
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The answer can vary from 5 to 10 days, so an average of 7 is probably about right. There is a lot of uncertainty about whether it will show in a test, as there are a lot of variables to consider.
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These are the forms of synthetic cannabis, and I can tell you that it's definitely not a good idea to take something like that. If you're willing to try cannabis, it's better to buy it from a reliable company like and don't worry about the bad consequences. You never know how your body will react to a psychoactive and chemical product, so you need to be careful.

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There are no formal test results for this yet. However, reports suggest that it will stay in your system for around 72 hours. It is made from legal substances anyway, so whether there is actually a test that shows the presence of K2 in the system is not sure.

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