How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your System?


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The length of time that alcohol will stay in your system depends primarily on how much alcohol you have consumed. As a general rule of thumb, it takes one hour for one unit of alcohol to leave your system. This can vary though, depending on the following:
  • Liver health
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Metabolism
  • What you've eaten that day
  • Type, quantity and strength of the alcohol
  • Any medication that you might be taking
Sometimes, it can take over 24 hours for the alcohol to leave your blood - this is why, after a night of heavy drinking, some people will still feel drunk for several hours the next day!

Alcohol Testing
  • An EtG urine test, as commonly used on people on alcohol probation, will discover if you have had alcohol up to 80 hours after it is out of your system. In other words, it's best to refrain from drinking at all if you are getting random EtG urine tests (either at work or after being legally prohibited from consuming alcohol). The test is sensitive enough to even pick up alcohol-based antibacterial hand-washes or strong colognes, and many people argue that the EtG is too sensitive to be reliable.
  • Another method is blood alcohol testing, which can only test the amount of alcohol currently in the bloodstream.
  • Breathalyzer tests can only detect alcohol that's currently in your system. The tests are quick and non-invasive, which is why they're often used at the scene on individuals suspected of drink-driving.
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Alcohol stays in the system, depending on how much you have drunk, every hour that go's past your system gets rid of one drink.

Your best to pace yourself to one drink an hour, or to drink a fluid like water in between drinks to help your system along and never drink on an empty stomach, that's just asking for trouble.
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I wouldn't rely on this. I was out with some girlfriends and drank just under one glass of wine per hour, for approximately 5 hours and then blew a .198 and spent 2 nights in jail. It was the WORST experience of my life and I thought I was being responsible. I would STRONGLY suggest you reconsider!!!!!!!! By the way, I am an average size girl, 5'6" and 140-150 lbs, not some light weight.
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You believe your own lies KATEANDCHR?! 5 glasses of wine in 5 hours and you blew a .198 and you're a bit hefty?? Absolutely impossible. Tell the truth!
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Alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream and can leave the body either through metabolism or through urine, breath and perspiration. About ninety percent of alcohol remain in the blood stream and needs to leave the body through metabolism alone.

How long alcohol stays in the blood stream of a person depends on the rate of metabolism. The rate at which alcohol is metabolized is about .015 BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) in an hour. Accordingly, a person with blood alcohol concentration of .15 becomes totally free of alcohol content in his bloodstream after about ten hours.

There is no way to speed up alcohol metabolism. Alcohol metabolism rate remains the same irrespective of taking non-alcoholic drinks, exercising, bathing or similar activities. A person can only control the level of blood alcohol concentration by drinking less. Thus the only way to get rid of alcohol from your system fast enough is to control the level of blood alcohol concentration.
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If my mother had two glasses of wine at 8:00 and is tested with a breathalizer ten hours later will it register if she is 160 lbs?
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Your body will metabolize one ounce of alcohol (one mixed drink, one beer or one glass of wine) per hour.

This can be affected by your metabolism, what you have eaten recently and physical activity.
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WRONG, WRONG and WRONG!!!!!!!! Normal adult, white, male will metabolize ONE HALF ounce of pure alcohol per hour. Women, Asiatic & Native Americans and people weighing under 145lbs will generally metabolize alcohol more slowly.

I beg you all; BEGGING mind you, if there's ANY question at all in your mind as to whether your okay to drive or not, DON'T!

No lecture, no ticket, no handcuffs. Just Love.

God Bless You All,

Capt. R. Burns
(The cop who doesn't want you in his JAIL)
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Alcohol takes your body around 1 hour to process 1 Unit of Alcohol, so that's about half a pint of beer or one 25 ml shot or 2/3 of a 125 ml glass of wine. That number is for people with a healthy liver.
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I am on probation and I have random ua's. I drank about seven beers on fri night and had a ua on monday evening. It was clean. It is not worth to drink while on probation, its a pain in the ass to have to get caught again for drinking alcohol. Just wait till you get off probation and drink your ass off! Two more weeks!
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Alcohol is normally out of the system within 6-12 hours but can take up to 24 hours to fully be out of the system.
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The average, or standard drink stays in the body for about 1 hour...these would include a 12 ounce beer, a 5 ounce glass of wine or 1.5 ounces of 80 proof liqour.
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So I had a twelve ounce can of beer, when I go take a urine screen will it show up, tomorrow?
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It sounds like nobody can give a definite answer to how long alcohol stays in the body. To be safe, the best thing to do is not drink for a couple of days prior to taking any test, especially if it involves your job. I can't comprehend why anybody would put their livelihood at stake, for the sake of a drink,  given the state of the economy.
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Alcohol is metabolized in liver and is toxic for liver. Its metabolism and excretion starts immediately after drinking. Alcohol is excreted from the body quickly through urine withing few hours. So, alcohol in its original form is no more available within 2-3 hours after drinking.

Alcohol when metabolized by liver, one of its metabolites called ethyl glucuronide is also produced. This metabolite can stay for long duration in the system. This duration can last for 5 days. So, alcohol and its metabolites are not available after 5 days.
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Just quit drinking - look at it - this way - you were never born into the world - looking for a drink - you do not need to leave it - looking for one. 

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Depends how long or much you drink if you do some exercise it'll be out of your system in about 24 hours if not then it might take a little while longer.
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Alcohol is excreted immediately from the system but its metabolite called ethylglucuronide EtG can stay up to 80 hours in the blood and can be tested in urine. So, alcohol is completely eliminated from the body after 80 hours.
Cigarettes contain tobacco which is major source of nicotine. One of the metabolite of nicotine is cotinine. For light smokers like you, cotinine can be tested in blood for 2-4 days. But for heavy and chronic users, cotinine can be tested positive for many weeks.
If I remember correctly from school years ago I'm thinking they said it is not completely removed from your body for 72 hours even though you don't feel the effects of it I'm not completely sure but that would be my best guess if my memory serves me right.
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That will depend on the amount of alcohol consumed and the metabolism of the person who did the drinking. Example- If you are drunk---I mean really could mean you will fail a breath test for 24 all depends on the person.
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Pass this answer along to all those who asked the same question as thanks to my answer to yours

light users: 2-3 weeks
medium users:3-4 weeks
heavy users:4-6 weeks
chronic users 4.5-6.5 weeks

no more asking about  this question as it has been answered

no need for a thank you just copy and paste this as an answer to all who have asked this question

-jackl aka ~rude boi
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I'm not sure what question this is an answer to because there is not way it takes 2-3 weeks for alcohol to get ut of someone's system.

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